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Below is the main project we worked on while in Tanzania. Your generousity made a big difference to these projects !! Thanks again to all those who sponsored us, the list of generous donations is at the bottom of this page.

 At the building site of the new homes Some of the bright kids of TCC 

Tanzanian Children Concern

TCC was based on the outskirts of Moshi town, about 80+ children were being taught in the primary school full-time, 14 of which were orphans, who for the duration of the time we were there, slept in 2 classrooms, converted into dorms for them. While there, we made the decision to try and use the fundraising money primarily for captial expenditure and health care purposes, mainly due to the fact the school raised money from the other community based children attending the school to pay for food, teacher salaries, etc. A significant portion of the money was used to finish off the 2 new buildings for the 14 orphans and their minders, who managed to move them into their new homes before Christmas which was fantastic, see the blog and pictures section for pictures of their new homes, classrooms and the building site in the earlier days.

The money donated by you made a huge difference. Tanzania Children Concern (TCC) is a registered Non-Government Organization in Moshi Tanzania. Founded in 2003 by a small group of concerned teachers, TCC has since been devoted to addressing the needs of local children and families made vulnerable by the AIDS pandemic.
We envision a Tanzania in which vulnerable children have access to meaningful learning opportunities in order to realize their fullest potential, and where vulnerable people's rights are respected and supported.TCC provides educational opportunities and care to children in need. 
To provide educational opportunities for vulnerable children, to build healthy and supportive environments where they can be nurtured, and to bring adequate care and assistance to the most vulnerable.

Background ....

"As many of you know, we are going to Tanzania as the first leg of our honeymoon, where we are volunteering at an orphanage for 3 months. We are paying for everything in terms of accomodation, flights, food, transport, etc and are looking to raise funds which we can put towards making these projects a real success. Our volunteer work is coordinated by an Irish girl, Sarah, who was out there with one of the big charities, having paid many thousand euro for her volunteering experience, and realised that none of this money went towards funding the project she was working on.

She decided to stay out there in Moshi, in the north of Tanzania, and set up a hostel to facilitate independent volunteers, who wish to side step international profit oriented "organisations", and ensure any monies raised go directly to the charity. Volunteers in the hostel support a number of projects in the town. Hence we are raising some money for the orphanage and also for another womens project some of the volunteers are working on & we will probably be helping out with. We will bring the funds with us when we go out there and we can see directly & choose where the funds will be spent. More information on the projects on the volunteering page."

We will be staying in the Keep in touch and if you want to visit please let us know.

Grainne & Eoin

Thank You !!



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